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The A-Z of Summer Date Ideas

From time to time we can get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we forget to take time for ourselves and loved one. So I’ve put together this little list of date ideas for the summer time. I made myself a challenge to put two different idea’s to each letter, but of course there are sooo many more. It’s important to make dating a priority to keep the romance alive, plus it’s always good to get out of the house and do something different. Who knows, you might learn something new about each other!

Don’t forget you don’t need a date for any of these – bring your bestie along instead!

A. Aquarium, Arcade
B. Bowling, Blanket Fort
C. Camping, Concert
D. Drive-In theatre, Dinner
E. Explore a new place, Exercise
F. Fruit Picking, Ferris Wheel
G. Games Night, Go-Karts
H. Hiking, Home-Made Pizza’s
I. Ice-Cream, Ikea
J. Jacuzzi, Jazz Bar
K. Kayak, Karaoke
L. Live Music, Light Show
M. Museum, Musical
N. Night Markets, Night In
O. Outdoors, Ocean
P. Putt-Putt, Picnic
Q. Quesadillas, Quarters
R. Road Trip, Rock Climb
S. Stargaze, Staycation
T. Tubing, Tennis
U. USA-themed dinner, Underwater
V. Vineyard, Volunteer
W. Whale Watching, Wine Tasting
X. X-Box, Xhibit
Y. Yard Sale, Yoga
Z. Zoo, Zip Line

Let me know what else you’ve added to your list!! Letters E, I, O, X & Y were the hardest!

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