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New Bits I’m Obsessing Over

Until recently, I have not really spoiled myself with new wardrobe items or skin care products. Which I do think is important to some women, especially if you’re like me – I am not too happy with my wardrobe right now, and I get super excited to try out new beauty products. So I wanted to share with you what I’ve recently brought!!


First store I stopped into was Forever 21 for some new jeans. Now I don’t know what it is about this store, but it seems when I go in there for one things, I find 100 other things I want to buy, but when I’m just browsing, I find nothing *SIGH* But the good news is I found some black jeans for $12!! WHATTTT. And them my eye caught some space-embroided beauties that I just had to have because I know I’m going to live in them over the spring time.

17310689_10206909737781898_153317023_o-1 (dragged)_Fotor17310469_10206909737581893_1564647761_o_Fotor17342143_10206909737981903_1045085622_o_Fotor

On the way back to the car, I stopped into Davids Tea and without really knowing what I liked (as I haven’t shopped there that much yet), picked up some of the most AMAZIIINNGG green tea I have ever tried! It’s infused with pineapple, black currants, flower petals and passionfruit – giving its name Green Passionfruit. Plus, because I brought over 100g of the good stuff, I got a free silver tin which I loooveeee soooo much!


On the way home I decided to stop into my local drugstore because we were running low on shampoo & conditioner and I needed more face cleanser. I have quite large pores and therefore have a couple of blackheads, so I’m currently on the hunt for a great cleanser for my skin type. And I think I have found it… Garnier SkinActive Clean+ Clay Cleanser & Mask! What I’ve been loving about this most is that 1) it doubles as an everyday cleanser and a weekly clay mask; 2) it feels so fresh and tingly on the face when applying it so it actually feels like it’s working; and 3) it’s for oily skin, which is a must for me. The moisturiser I picked up also is from the SkinActive range, and it’s the Moisture Rescue Night Recovery Gel Cream. This smells INCREDIBLE, and the gel-like consistency really hydrates the skin without feeling sticky on the face. I have only been using these two products for 3 days, but I honestly feel like they’re already making a difference to the appearance and feel of my skin.

I may as well throw in what hair products I picked up as well. Me and Cree spent about 5 minutes just smelling all the different shampoos and finally decided on the Whole Blends Argan Oil & Cranberry duo. It smells amazing and leaves your hair smelling great on day two. It’s awesomeee!

Without even realising until I got home all four products I had just brought were Garnier products lol. #notsponsered!

17349511_10206909738381913_1663240344_o-1 (dragged)_Fotor17349453_10206909738301911_1304546849_o-1 (dragged)_Fotor

Last but definitely not least… I BROUGHT GLASSES! Cree needed new glasses (because he broke his again!!!) so we decided to order online and try out a new store called They had a promotion going on buy one pair and get one free. So we had ordered his glasses, and I decided to get a round tortoise pair for myself using the free pair, and add an anti-reflection coating to see if it would help with my night time driving because I get really had halos around lights. But they came in the post, and I’m sooo in love with how they look on me I will be wearing them as a fashion accessory also, because why not!? I just love themmmm!


Let me know what recent products you have brought and recently loving! xxx

Clean Wash Black Skinny Jeans
Space-Patch Graphic Boyfriend Jeans
Green Passionfruit Tea
SkinActive Clean+Pore Purifying Clay Cleanser + Mask
SkinActive Moisture Rescue Night Recovery Gel Cream
Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo & Conditioner – Argan Oil & Cranberry

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