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Karity | Product Review

12-Piece Brush Set
Single Eyeshadow in “Diva”


Karity is all over social media, making it huge in the past 3-or-so months in the beauty industry. They pride themselves in their high-quality makeup brushes and eyeshadows, for the cheaper, traditional price. As you can probably tell from my other beauty posts, I’m a huge fan of finding cheaper alternatives to higher-end products. Of course, there are cheaper products that aren’t at all what they’re hyped up to be, so when I saw Karity’s Facebook ad and their name starting to pop on Youtube beauty guru’s video’s, I knew I had to give them a go! I decided to jump on their website and order new makeup brushes… and then a single eyeshadow somehow found itself in my basket also… oops. 


Since I needed new face brushes ASAP, and wanting to expand my brush collection a bit, I decided to get the 12-piece starter kit. I was surprised when they arrived to find they came in a faux-leather travel bag, and all individually wrapped in plastic, which was perfect as I was a week out from travelling to Australia. Because of that reason, I kept them nice and clean for my holiday (plus something to look forward to even more!) This starter kit has everything I needed, except for a brush for liquid foundation. Also, I don’t really like the main face powder brush because once I’ve swirled it around in my powder and buffing it into my face, little bristles come off and stick to my liquid foundation 😦 BUT no other brush has done it in the set.. so maybe I just got a dodgy one. The eyeshadow brushes are amazing for blending, and I absolutely love the angled contour brush for my bronzer. I haven’t really used the mascara brushes yet because I haven’t felt the need to yet (thanks to my holy grail Lash-Sensational mascara wand!)

As mentioned earlier also,  I couldn’t help but try out one of the eyeshadows as well which  I am sooooo utterly obsessed with. The pigment and ability to blend is amazing for the $6 you pay for them (so cheap!!!)

Basically… I will be buying more eyeshadows off of Karity and start a palette of my very own… Wooohoooo I can’t wait!! 😉

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