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Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

Yes, I’m guilty of not washing my makeup brushes at least twice a month (… I’m more like twice every six months) WHICH I know, it’s disgusting!!!! So I am trying really hard these days to make sure I get in the habit of doing it every month at least! Cleaning your makeup brushes is soooooo important for your makeup application and the health of your face. After so many uses they become full of oils and dead skin cells, that bacteria just have an absolutely party in there, and then you put that back on your face – ewwwww! But like I said, I’m guilty of this, probably the worst one for it, and I hate that I haven’t realised this sooner. It’s just one of those things you keep putting off, so I figured out a way that is quick, easy and inexpensive. Lets goooo!


You will need:
Micellar Water
Face Washer/Towel/Papertowel
Cup or Bowl
Running Warm Water

1. Pour some Micellar water into your bowl or cup
2. Dip and swirl your makeup brush in the water
3. Squeeze and rinse under warm running water as many times as needed until the brush looks clean and the water runs clear down the drain
4. Squeeze out the water gently from your brush using your towel
5. Lay brush flat on towel for drying, or stand it up straight in another cup or vase

I usually wash mine either after done my makeup for the day, or at night time, because it does take about 8 hours for my makeup brushes to completely dry.

Comment any other cheap methods of cleaning makeup brushes that you have found quick and easy!

Lots of love,
Courtney x
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