The Best Day Ever!

It’s only taken me almost 3 years to get there, but I finally did – Canada’s Wonderland is a magical place, filled with so many happy, carefree people just laughing all day. It was a day that I definitely needed, and it was just so much fun!

So Cree’s best friend has a Summer Season pass to Canada’s Wonderland, so we thought we would tag along for a fun day out for our boring Sunday. He was sooo kind enough to buy us the fastlane passes (which I am so so so grateful for because that ain’t cheap!), which meant we could do 15 rides instead of 5. We arrive there around noon, and stayed until 7:30pm, and today writing this post my body is so sore! I DON’T RECOMMEND WOODEN, RACKETY ROLLERCOASTERS hahaha.

I have always been a daredevil (thanks Dad!), and since I can remember I’ve been the first one of my family and friends who is first in line for all the rides. I have always tried to do as many rides as I can – because you’re at a themepark, and themeparks have rides, so why not?



We had the most fun had in quite a while. Being an adult, you don’t often think about doing these sorts of things because you’re always so busy with work and catching up on things. Highly recommend going if you’re ever in Toronto or Niagara Falls, because it’s a beautiful themepark with delicious food and rides for everyone!

Let me know what your favourite ride is in the comments!!

 Lots of love,
Courtney x
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