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We Were Liars | Book Review

My goal for the rest of 2016 is to read more, and recently I finished We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. And did I enjoy it!!! I found myself reading faster and faster as the book went on, and although it is quite a short book (225 pages), it is very well written and captivating from page one.

It is about three cousins & a friend – The Liars is what they call themselves. The cousins are from a rich family who go to their Grandad’s privately owned island during the summer months. Their friend is from the suburbs who strongly believes in working for what you want, rather than just having it handed to you. There are three generations in the book which I a little confusing at the beginning until I figured out who was who.

Although the book is strongly evolved around patriarchy and wealth, it’s about having raw emotions that would make or break you shown through Cady’s eyes – a fifteen year old girl who has gone through quite a lot in her short life. Something major happens to her in the middle of the book, which takes a twist towards the end of the novel.

E. Lockhart has very well articulated this novel into a suspenseful, thrilling and smart read. Although it doesn’t have the greatest ratings on the interwebs, I do highly recommend this book to any beginner readers, or anyone in fact, who just likes an easy read with twists and turns to the plot.

Happy reading!!

Lots of love,
Courtney x
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