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60 Things That Make Life Great!

When you feel like your life freaking sucks – whether you’ve spilt your coffee on a Monday morning, or you’ve just got a parking ticket – read through my top 60 things that make life great!

  1. The smell of rain
  2. Yummy smelling baths
  3. Pizza
  4. Hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream
  5. Defrosting in a warm shower when you’re cold
  6. Finding money in your pocket or purse
  7. When you have to dance to your embarrassing favourite song at a party
  8. The first warm day after winter
  9. Waking up at Christmas time and seeing the snow falling
  10. When everything is white, covered in snow
  11. Christmas baking
  12. Christmas
  13. Fluffy socks
  14. When you laugh so hard you can’t stop and can’t breathe and your crying
  15. Waking up at 3am and knowing you still have a good 5 hours of sleep ahead of you
  16. Not setting an alarm
  17. Driving with the windows down
  18. When your toast toast’s to perfection
  19. Sitting outside
  20. Autumn, when the leaves start to change colour
  21. The smell of cut grass
  22. Roller coasters
  23. Finding clothes that feel like they were made for you
  24. Toasting marshmallows on an open fire
  25. Puppies
  26. First kisses
  27. Kisses
  28. Bubble baths on a cold night
  29. Seeing old couples acting young
  30. Winning
  31. Finding a new favourite song/band/musician
  32. People watching on the beach
  33. Iced coffe
  34. Looking through old photos
  35. The sound of a big city at night
  36. Looking out onto a big city at night on the top of a hotel
  37. Having a good hair day
  38. Having a tan
  39. Home-cooked meals
  40. Making someone laugh
  41. Surprises
  42. Adrenaline rushes
  43. Travelling & exploring a new place
  44. Breakfast in bed
  45. Sundresses
  46. Getting into bed and closing your eyes when you’re drunk and tired
  47. Finishing work on time on a Friday (or earlier)
  48. Doing everything on your to-do list before you planned on finishing it
  49. Seeing a great movie
  50. Fireworks
  51. Polaroid pictures
  52. Starry nights
  53. Fairy lights
  54. Ticking something off your bucket list
  55. Snuggles and cuddles
  56. BBQ’s
  57. Weekends
  58. The beach
  59. Pretty views (especially at the end of a long hike)
  60. Parties & Celebrations!
Go on, go do one of these right now, and I hope your day has gotten better! 
Lots of love,
Courtney x

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