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Garnier Micellar Water | Review


For the longest time I saw bloggers from Australia & the UK talk and rave about Garnier’s new Micellar Water. I had to have it, but did not want to pay a ridiculous amount for shipping, until I saw it sitting all by itself on a shelf in Walmart one day, just calling my name. So yes I bought it, and YAY! Finally it made it’s way to Canadian and American shelves!

This is an All-In-1 cleansing water that removes makeup and cleanses the face. They claim to be for all skin types, and you can buy the pink one for removing normal makeup, or there is a blue packaging that removes waterproof makeup. I don’t typically wear water-proof makeup, and thought it would be a lot of harsh on my skin, therefore I didn’t buy it and haven’t tried it so I can’t speak for the blue bottle. But I love this pink one that has been added to my morning and night time routine. Before cleansing with a face wash, I drench a cotton pad in the micellar water, and just lightly rub it all over my face to remove any makeup or dirt off my face.

My skin type is combination, which means I have dry patches some paces, and oil in my T-zone. I also can have very sensitive skin, so using this to remove my makeup first means I can use a less harsh exfoliator/face wash afterwards to cleanse. I have also found my pores have become less visible in appearance as I’m doing this extra cleansing step.

This cleansing water is very affordable at only $9.00 (CAD) a bottle!! I find it is extremely effective at doing what it says it does, and it’s definitely now a staple in my morning and evening routines. Thank you Garnier!!!

Let me know what you think of this product, and if you have tried the waterproof makeup version, how that works as well!

Lots of love,
Courtney x


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