10 Tips for Getting Through a Bad Day

I am generally a happy, positive, go-lucky person, with big dreams, however sometimes this can weigh me down, make me feel useless and overall unhappy. The past few months haven’t been the happiest times of my life – I have been trying to deal with my anxiety and moods, but sometimes they just overtake you (you can read about it more here).Sometimes I feel very angry, anxious and shaky, and other times  I feel empty and just need a good cry. So I wanted to share what I do on the days where I feel like the rooms are caving in on me, or when I feel overwhelmed by life. Of course, these aren’t going to make every one feel better, but I hope at least one of them will make you feel more at ease when you need a pick-me-up.


1. Run yourself a bubble bath
This is my go-to remedy for clearing my mind and relaxing. Running myself a hot bubble bath, with candles, a tea, a book or my favourite TV show, really does help me rewind and calm down when I’m feeling stressed out or anxious. Plus this a really good excuse to visit Lush to buy all their incredible bath products right!?

2. Listen to your favourite music
Music is a powerful art form that can be expressed to anyone on so many platforms. The different moods it can make you feel is indescribable. So why not listen to your favourite songs and sing along with them. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of old Justin Bieber to just carelessly sing along to.

3. Go for a drive
I love getting in the car and just driving. Crank up your favourite music, wind down the windows and just hop on a road and drive. I feel as though for me this is a type of meditation. I love jumping in the car when I’m down, to drive, or to get icecream. Just anything to get me out of the house and not letting my mind wander.

4. Meet up with a friend
Sometimes I’m in a bad mood because I’m lonely. In this case I call a friend or Cree and go for a coffee, or sit outside, just to talk and have a presence around other than my own. Chat about things in their life, exciting things in yours – just don’t dwell on your bad day, because we’re trying to make it better, not worse.

5. Get outdoors
Kind of like the driving tip – get outdoors, smell the roses and enjoy the sunshine. I get in moods if I stay inside all day. I need my fresh air, and even if it’s a 5 minute walk around the garden, that’s good enough. Go for a run if you’re really feeling energetic, this can help some people clear their minds and use their energy on the run itself, rather than their thoughts.

6. Write lists
I am always making lists. It helps free up some space in my mind, and relieves the stress and pressure of remembering something later. You can also write down your feelings – kind of like a journal if that helps you. Write these down on paper with a pen, not your phone or computer.  There’s something about writing free-hand with lists and your feelings.

7. Bake treats
I love my treats, and if I bake them myself, I get a sense of accomplishment. Baking not only takes your mind off things for a little while, but you’ll find it’s very therapeutic to your body. Plus you’ll have yummy things in your pantry too!

8. Pet an animal
This is one of my favourite things to do, no matter what I’m feeling. I have guinea pigs I can snuggle with and pet, and I just find it so relaxing! Obviously not all of you will have pets you can do this with. Go to a friends house who has one, or go to your local pet store or animal rescue. This is another form of meditation for me. Animals just bring so much joy to my life.

9. Keep perspective
Write down on that piece of paper you have, 3 things you’re grateful for. This is so simple but so effective. You’ll soon realise this feeling will pass, and will not matter in a year from now. Keep on going.

10. Go to bed early for a good nights sleep
We all find it difficult to wake up in the morning, if we haven’t had our 7-8-9 hours of sleep. So make sure you wind down before going to bed, spray your pillows with a mist, or drink a tea, or read a book snuggled up – this will help your mind wind down, and will allow you to drift off into a nice peaceful sleep.

You’ll figure it out. Like anything, every one has their own ways of dealing with things. Please let me know in the comments what you do to calm down or make you happier.

Lots of love,
Courtney x

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