Skiing Trip

Here are a couple of photos from my first time skiing last weekend. We had a blast, it was such a beautiful day, sun was shining and there had been a fresh dumping of snow the night before. It was perfect, until I had a panic attack at the top of the slope (damn it Courtney!) I think it was because I suddenly realised there is no way of getting down the mountain other than taking your ski’s with you. I was nervous to try out this skiing thing in the first place, so I think my emotions just got the better of me, and if you’ve read my most recent post, I’m not really good at controlling them right now. Once I got down to the bottom, it was safe to say my body was telling me to go drink hot chocolate inside the chalet, and calm down a bit.


Overall though, the day was great. So much fun was had, and I’m really proud of myself for not backing out of it. Here’s something else to cross of that bucket list of mine!!
Lots of love,
Courtney x

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