Wintry Beach Trip

Being from Australia, I didn’t see a lot of ice or snow in my travels to the beach. So it always astounds me when I visit a frozen lake in the Canadian winter times. It’s such a freeing/scary feeling, standing meters out on a lake you were swimming in 6 months ago.
So today me and Cree decided to take a little Sunday drive to the lake we love to spend our summers at, and see what the little town of Port Dalhousie was like in the colder, more white months. 

Of course we first had to stop at the local Tim Horton’s for a hot drink, and drove around a bit to find out where we wanted to explore. Port Dalhousie is a little town full of quaint little shops, little holiday huts, and various marina’s and pools of water. The main pond that runs through the town, was completely frozen. It was amazing to see hockey being played and people ice fishing.




We then decided to jump back into the warm car and go across to the main beach. The sand was cold, and the water was of course frozen for about 50 meters out. It was incredible to see air bubbles under the frozen surface, seaweed stuck in one place, water ripples frozen in time, and 5 people walking on the beach at one time.






Lots of love,
Courtney x

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