Goodbye 2015!

2015 was the year of emotional highs and lows, big changes, and life lessons learnt. I’ve recently realised how quickly the years are going all of a sudden. I remember Christmas of 2014 like it was yesterday, and feel like I didn’t make the best of 2015. That is why I am writing this. I want to reflect, and remind myself that yes, maybe I wasn’t the happiest all the time, but look at what you’ve achieved!

This time last year, I was waking up to go to a job which I absolutely hated. My boss was a manipulative, conniving bully, who I’m pretty sure made it her best efforts to make my day worse than the one before. After being there for 1.5 years, working my butt off for the company, and having no recognition for the things I was doing for them, I realised pretty quickly it was time to find something else. 

In June, I left that job, and had two months off work. This gave me thinking time, about what I really wanted to do. Me and my family went on vacation to Washington DC & New York for 14 days, which was the best holiday I have ever been on. Although we were on our feet every single day, I knew travel was in my nature. I loved it!

I then came back home, and started packing up my life to move in with Cree. He was in school 2.5 hours away from where I lived, and I knew I did not want to travel every fortnight for the weekend, in the snowy winter nights. After throwing all the pros and cons on paper, I knew that where I should be was with him. We were so excited to move in together, but the next challenge was ahead of me… to find a new job.

I am not one to speak highly of myself, or know what I’m good at, or even know what my hobbies are, but I knew what had to be done. I spent almost 3 weeks searching and applying for jobs. I was getting desperate. I then sent my resume to an optometrist office in Niagara Falls, not even expecting a response. She emailed back for an interview the next day, and within 1 week, I had a new job as an Optometric Assistant. I was over the moon!

We then knew we were on a time limit, so we started frantically looking for a house to live in. Thankfully Cree’s friends were also looking, so that gave us some more movement on the rent prices we were looking at. I wasn’t so keen on moving in with four guys, with being a girl, and needing my personal space. But it hasn’t been at all that bad. Me and Cree have our own area downstairs, and I work all day anyway so I’m hardly even at home. I will however mention that I am so very excited to move into a clean space that I can call “home” with Cree, and ONLY CREE! Haha

Since then, I have just been an emotional wreck. With not having any girlfriends here yet, it makes it tough when you want to go shopping, or go out for brunch. I still get very homesick to Australia, and that is one of the many reasons why I started writing on a blog. It keeps my mind from the negative thoughts, and keeps it active.

I know I need to make a lot of mind changes in 2016, starting with moving on from my old life, and to start writing more things on my blog for you guys. Here’s to better change for 2016!!!

Lots of love, 
Courtney x

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