Christmas Tree | On A Budget

It’s finally that time of year where you get to whip out your Christmas Tree and get to put on carols while spending a lazy Sunday afternoon decorating it. For some, this sounds like an expensive chore where you have to run around shop to shop and max out on your credit card, just to get that nice looking tree. I’m not saying my tree this year is gorgeous or outstanding, but it is pleasing to the eye and it definitely got me into the festive spirit putting it up today. 

I don’t live at home anymore. I’ve had to learn pretty quickly how to budget and know where to spend my money that will make it worth my while. Yes, I could’ve opted not to put up a tree this year and save myself some dosh, but Christmas makes me so happy. I wait the 50 weeks of the year to literally wrap presents, bake some cookies and top the tree with a gold star. So yes, of course I need a Christmas Tree in my living room!

Lets start with where I got my tree. I got lucky and didn’t spend a cent on this one. My neighbours gave it to me at no charge, and yes it’s fake, but I don’t have the time or the money or the tools to go out and chop down my own this year 😦 Christmas tree’s in department stores range from $150-$1000+ which is totally ridiculous. Go check out your local Goodwill, or local garage sales. You’d be surprised at what you can find for a decent price.

I got the gold and red smaller baubles, the gold star topper, and the gold glitter flowers from the Dollar Store. Literally. It cost me $15, and I’m so happy with them. No they’re not shatter proof, and yes the glitter goes everywhere when you handle them, but they look exactly the same to the $20-$40 baubles you’d buy elsewhere. I wasn’t going to buy a star for the top, because I like to spend most of the money on this. I’m not going to lie, this one does look a little cheap and tacky, but hay, it would look bare if there wasn’t something to top it off with. 

The gold glitter flowers are so cute! They came in a pack of 3, and I wish I had brought more. They’re on a clip, so you don’t have to worry about tying strings, you just clip it on to the end of a branch. They’re the perfect size for my little tree, and honestly, for $2 I think they’re so pretty.

I also found these prefect little red glitter stars in a pack of 2 at the Dollar Store, so I got two packs. Then I saw these little pine cones sprinkled with gold glitter, topped with cranberries and leaves. These are so cute! I saw them and knew they had to be on my tree. I thought they both would look great among all the other gold and red decorations.
I then realised my tree had no Christmas lights, which is basically a Christmas tree must-have. So I took a trip to Canadian Tire my local hardware/auto/electronic/homeware shop. I found little cheap LED white lights that just plug into the wall. I personally don’t like battery operated ones because 1) you need batteries, and 2) I don’t find the lights are bright enough. I then took a quick trip down the Christmas aisles, and fell in love with all their decorations. I found myself a pack of 6 gold pine cones, just to fill in any sparse spots on the tree, and 3 red plaid plushed stars and hearts with a little button in the center. These were on one of their displayed Christmas tree’s, and I absolutely needed these little cushioned decorations on my tree.

Just finished if off with some minty candy canes, and wah-lah! You have a completed Christmas Tree that looks pretty damn good in my opinion, for the fraction of the cost. 

Dollar Store – $15
Canadian Tire – $30
Candy Canes – $3

I am going to go buy a new tree and some newer/nicer decorations after Christmas, for next year. That way I’m prepared and will still get a good deal on everything.

Lots of love, 
Courtney x

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