My November Faves

It’s nearly the end of November, and since December is always so busy, I thought I’d do my favourites post (which is so long overdue).


Bath and Body Works Candles basically speak for themselves. They’re a cheaper alternative to Yankee Candle, and honestly I prefer B&B Works candles over Yankee’s anyway. I am currently burning “Leaves” and “Frosted Cranberry.” Leaves is very much an autumnal scent, which literally smells like foliage, apples & spices – I meant there is nothing really more you could ask for in an autumn candle. Frosted Cranberry is obviously more of a Christmas scent, which honestly smells like a sweet mulled wine sitting on your stove. Both of these candles will be a re-purchase!

Skin Care

Recently I’ve been really unhappy with my skin. My pores are so large that I’m starting to become very self-conscious about them, and my face is starting to breakout in acne. I have no idea why this is happening all of a sudden. It might be the change in weather, or the change in skin care, not enough skin care, but it’s definitely not lifestyle. I just can’t put my finger on it and it’s really bothering me. Recently I purchased Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser & some of their pore strips. I love the way the cleanser feels on my skin – it makes my face feel so much more brighter and cleaner and vibrant, and the pore strips are just a must have in everyone’s skin care routine once in a while for a deep cleanse. I have noticed a change as of yet, but I definitely feel like it’s working compared to some other drug store cleansers.


During the colder months, I don’t necessarily like to style my hair with hot tools too often as the air is dry enough. Therefore I like to use my new Tresemme Perfectly Undone Wave Creation Seafoam. I like to apply it damp in my hair and just scrunch it in. I naturally have wavy-curly hair, so it just adds a bit more volume and tames the frizz.

Baby Oil

Do this. Trust me, you’ll love how soft your skin is in just a few days! I like to apply this to my damp arms and legs after showering, then pat myself dry with my towel. I have found that my skin is so soft, and so moisturised! YAY

Lip Colour

Kate Moss 107 for those red-lipped days, and NYX Soft Cream Matte in Istanbul for all the other days. I just love them. 

Pandora Rings

Pandora has the most beautiful ring collection, and I own six in total. They’re so dainty, and so wearable everyday. I like to wear mine by themselves, and stacked. You can mix and match them. Now can you see why they’re amazing?

Plaid Shirt

Okay so I only own the own, at the moment, because everyone’s wearing them I didn’t want to be caught in that phase too. But I finally brought one, and I cannot wear anything else. It is so comfortable, and it goes with everything. It’s so soft and the colour is perfect for my skin and hair colour. I like to wear it with leggings, long cardigan, and booties for a comfort/casual day.

Ankle Booties

Ankle boots are just the best things ever. They’re super comfortable, and they dress any outfit up. Mine are from payless, and they’re just super soft and comfortable. They’re black, with a buckle detail on the side, with a little chunky heel. I love to just slide them on with almost every outfit lately. Definitely a must-have for me, and I want more!


One Direction – Made in the A.M. – This album goes without saying…
Justin Bieber – Purpose – So does this one…
Adele – Hello – She’s back!!!!! Hello Adele!!!
Conor Maynard – YouTube him right now if you’ve never heard his angel-like voice before. I used to listen to him years ago, but recently came across him again, and now I just can’t stop listening.

Healthy Snack

Recently I’ve been obsessed with Craisins. Dried cranberries are so delicious and healthy and so winter-like. They’re gluten free, and 1/4 cup counts as one serving of fruit. Bonus!!!

What are your current favourites? What music have you been listening too? And what would you suggest for skincare during the cooler months?

Lots of love, xxx

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