Instagram Diary | Issue #2


 Autumn tootsies  Wanderlust  Happy Halloween!  I have the bestest friend in the world  Baby Girl  It’s the most wonderful time  Winter in NYC  Plaid & Denim  Apple Picking  Guinea Pigs  Lounge Room Wants  Drinks  Scrumptious Noodle Soup  Finding Neverland  Best of both worlds  Living in October  Pumpkins!  Knight in shining armour  Mind Quote  Live, travel, adventure  Jellyfish  My Bae’s  Happy birthday Mum!  Bright Lippy  9/11  Dreamin’  A lovely day was had  Niagara Falls Rainbow  Release your inner pout  Doughnut’s are life  My future  Snail  Pranks, laughter and love in the wilderness  House goals 100%  Strollin’  Superstar  The best day  Appreciation post  All moved in together  Day Quote  Take time out  Selfie  Fireworks  Boat Races  NYX Istanbul
Lots of love, xxx

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