A Day In The Sunshine

So I have basically fallen in love with Niagara Falls… even more and more each time I visit. Since I now only live 20 minutes away from the falls, I wanted to update you all on my whereabouts for today 🙂 I think because it was a long weekend this weekend here in Canada, the sun had quite a lot of heat to it, and we wanted to get out of the house, we thought we’d go for a walk and possibly jump on the river cruise to the falls. We didn’t end up doing that because the wait for the boat was literally about 500 meters long, which would have taken at least 2-3 hours. But we had a lovely few hours walking along the falls, sightseeing, people watching and eating ice creams! Here are just a few photographs from the day that I wanted to share.

This is called “Cree gimme the camera!” hahaha nice facials you got there Courtney

You can hopefully now appreciate why I love this beautiful city. Even though it is a huge tourist spot, you can find the nooks and crannies that makes it so gorgeous.

Lots of love, xxx

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