I Went Shopping! | Office Attire, Pajama’s, Shoes

I start a new job next Monday and it’s in an office. I have always had a uniform for work, so I have no office attire. I shopping mainly in H&M in their work area for office appropriate clothing to start me off, and got a few other bits & bobs 🙂 I’ll start off with the shirts I got, then pants and skirts, shoes, and then the other few things I picked up! I’m not too sure on how casual or business like this office is, therefore while shopping I kept in mind of clothing items that can be dressed up or down to start me off. I am also planning on doing an “Office Lookbook” sometime in the week so you can see how I plan on wearing and matching everything!

1. As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it. It is the perfect shade of blue, perfect colour blocking, and the perfect fit for tucking into a skirt, or putting on over trousers.The only issue is the neckline is a little too low for my liking in the office, so I will be buying a little bandeau or singlet for underneath 🙂

2. This doesn’t look too flattering on the hanger, however I tucked it into a black skirt and it looked beautiful and fitted lovely. I love the stripes on it and the subtle colour and fun it brings to an outfit. I also love the hem on this!!

3. This is a little “older” than I what preferably like, however looks so flattering with trousers. I love the layering detail so much!

4. This dress is a simple khaki coloured fit-and-flare dress, perfect for work. You can dress it up by a statement necklace, blazer, and cute shoes. I had to buy this colour because it only came in khaki, mustard or a bright red-orange. This is the one I thought was the best “officey” one from all the selections. I love the texture of the fabric, and it’s quite thick for the fall too, to pair with tights. Very comfortable and nicely fitting, and a nice length for me for the office.

5. I picked up a little black skirt because I didn’t have one. The fabric and texture is very similar to the above dress, which again is perfect for the cooler months 🙂

6. I picked up two very slim and fitting trousers that sit on the ankle which are perfect for the office. They are high-waisted, stretchy, and have a gold zipper on the side. I bought a black pair and a dark grey pair – you can’t see the colour difference on camera though 😦 The one thing I’m not too fond of is they don’t have pockets *sigh*

7. These flats are so adorable! I love the tan colour and the weaving detail. They are giving me blisters right now, but they seem stretchy, so I’ll keep soldering on and wearing them before I start work and have sore feet 😛 

8. Comfortable heels are a must for the office, but I could not bring myself to be wearing heels all day, so I opted for small wedges. These are just a plain black wedge with about a 1.5″ heel on them. They are super comfortable and instantly put “cute” on any outfit. I love them!


9. I bought this blouse because OMG LOOK HOW ADORABLE IT IS!?!?!? It has multicoloured cats on it!!! Paired with black jeans, it looks super cute. I love it!

10. I bought this pencil case on clearance from Hallmark and I love it. It’s that tan brown I’m obsessing over at the moment, gold zipper, and a beautiful quote reading “I want to travel across the world, and breathe the air of new places.” Isn’t that just a must-have? Haha

11. Okay the next three items I had to buy because it was literally by 3 for the price of 1, so I could not say no. They’re all pajama pieces, and super cute.

The first is a shirt that I got two sizes too big so I can just wear it as a nighty and be comfortable. It’s a purple-grey with an adorable cats face on it!

The second I thing I picked up are these cute plaid pinky-red boxer shorts. Super comfortable and you can never have too many pajama bottoms 😉

The last, and probably my favourite purchase, are these rabbit-printed lounge trousers. They are so comfortable, soft, fitting and ADORABLE + they have pockets!

Everything I could find online:
1. Blue sleeveless blouse
Patterned chiffon blouse
3. H&M layered blouse
4. Textured dress
5. Not exact but similar
6. Not exact but similar
7. Sears tan flats
8. Black canvas wedges
9. H&M cat blouse
10. Hallmark pencil case
11. La Vie En Rose Cat shirt / Plaid boxers / no link for the rabbits 😦

Hope this gives you some “office” & pajama inspiration! I feel like the main theme of these purchases were animals (oops)
Lots of love, xxx

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