Zoella Beauty Tutti Frutti Range | Review

I have been eyeing the Zoella Beauty product bath range ever since the first one came out last year, but I never purchased it. Then this new “Tutti Frutti” inspired range came out and I really wanted to spend the money. Even though it’s inexpensive, you’re still buying bath products online that you can’t smell and it might just be me, but I love to smell what I’m buying before I buy it. Anyway long story short, I filled up my basket with the products I thought I’d get the most pleasure out of, went to checkout to get the Canadian price, and I guess I clicked confirm, and boom I bought the products without even realising. However it was the best mistake I’ve ever made. This range smells insane!!! And the packaging is so summery and fun!

I bought the Bath Fizzer, Shower Gel, and the Body Scrub. Well done Zoella!!!

This smells amazing. It seriously smells like a dessert. It’s split up into four quadrants, that you split off and pop under warm running water in your bath. It doesn’t add any colour to your bath (because it’s white haha) however you can hear it fizzing in the water if you listen carefully which I find so cool! It takes maybe 3-4 minutes to fully fizz, and it creates the best smelling bath ever! I stepped out of the water feeling so clean and fresh and fragranced, which is what every girl wants in a bath. The packaging is adorable! It reminds me of a Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar. It’s a blue packaging, with bright pink polka dots and lace detailing and a cute logo. It literally had a “Do Not Eat” sticker because it looks so much like a chocolate bar! Smells better than a chocolate bar, but I doubt it tastes better. Just makes me want to sit in the fizzed bath eating tasty treats and blasting Ariana Grande.

Very similar packaging to the bath fizzer, with the blue packaging and bring pink logo – just a few slight changes. The smell of this shower gel is a lot more sweeter and refreshing than the bath fizz, but again, a very similar scent. It’s a beautiful pearly-pink colour, and it leaves the skin smelling amazing for hours! I cannot wait to lather my body up with this in the shower every day. It’s in an easy-to-squeeze 205mL bottle, so very easy to use in the shower πŸ™‚ YUM!

Okay let’s start by saying HOW CUTE IS THIS PACKAGING?! Yellow is my favourite “summer” colour, and the fact that Zoe has incorporated it with the famous bright pink logo and large polka dots, it’s beyond my expectations of a bath product. I can’t wait to just have this sitting in my shower! The scent is not as strong as the shower gel and bath fizzer, however I can only imagine how nice this is going to make me feel after using it. It’s an exfoliant scrub, so yipeee it smells amazing! On the back of the packaging it claims to be enriched with acai and blueberries, and conditioned with cocoa butter. She decided to use a sugar scrub rather than salt, due to sugar being more delicate for the skin, and this allows people with sensitive to hopefully be able to use it. It left my skin feeling so soft and smooth, and smelling delicious!

I absolutely love these products so far and plan to get the rest of the range very soon! I love also that Zoella uses these herself. She looks after her skin, and that proves that these are amazing. This collection is very summery, feminine, and fun! Thankyou Zoe!!!!

What are your favourite products from Zoella’s beauty range?Β 

Lots of love, xxx

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