Things To Discuss Before Moving In Together

Taking the next big step of your life in your early twenties is usually moving in with your partner. I am moving to Niagara, Ontario in 2 weeks, have a job lined up. This is both really exciting however really nerve-racking as well! Not only is this the deciding factor of whether or not you both can live under the same roof, but it’s basically the first step into spending the rest of your lives together – think of it like a marriage-prep. However, to de-stress about it a little bit, I have put together some of these tips and tricks to make the move a little easier on both you and your partner.

Money Matters
Unless you’re a multi-millionaire, money is going to a big talk with your partner. Who is going to pay the bills? Who is going to pay for the groceries? Who is going to pay for the gas? My suggestion is – split on everything. Of course, this may not work best for you, you may find it easier if you pay for the bills one month, and him/her the next month. Whichever way, make sure you come to an agreement on how this is going to be played out and make sure it’s fair for both parties. No one wants to pay $80 on groceries while the other is paying $200 on bills.

The Merging
You have both had your own space and your own rooms for the past 20+ years, and all of a sudden you’ll be sharing a bed, sharing a closet, sharing a bathroom. Ladies, as much as we don’t like to admit it, we do own a lot more stuff than the average guy. Clothes, makeup, hair products, face washes, trinket dishes, and those 20 pairs of shoes we just love but only wear twice a year. Make compromises, and make sure this is done before moving in together, because no doubt you’ll both have different ideas on how the space will be shared. Buy a closet, a dresser, some under-bed storage containers! Also verbalise your wants and needs. Me and my boyfriend are moving in with two other guys, and my only need is my own bathroom (of course I can share it with my boyfriend) but I don’t need two other guys snooping through my bathroom storage.
The Perks
Why are you moving in together? If you’re doing it for any reason other than love and moving forward into your future together, then I recommend to reassess whether moving in together is the right move. You should not feel obligated to move in for money or convenience. Take a step back and really ask yourself why. We’re moving in together because after 1.5 years, we are really connected, have similar interests and goals, and want to take the next big step for our future together. I understand everyone is different, but it all comes down to 1) if you’re ready, and 2) where your both at in life.

Have Yourself Some Space
You’re living together and now, and having your own space is key. Make sure to spend time apart, and keep your friends and relationships close. This will not only allow you to still create your life, but will keep that spark between you and your partner. The more you spend time apart, the more your heart will appreciate it when you finally get home to your loved one!

Communication & Compromise
With the above things considered, it all comes down to communication and compromise between both parties. Make sure you discusses guests, parties and events. When do you both want to be told when someone will be over visiting? Are they staying the night? These are things girls especially, want to know. Compromise on a solution that works for you both. And don’t forget to talk about how your feeling. Don’t let things bottle up inside, and then suddenly come down like a wall of bricks. It’s not fun, not for you or your partner. Make sure you discuss what might be bothering you, and come up with a solution together. Discuss who will be doing the chores and when they should be done. Chores seem like little things, but they do lead to bigger problems if they are not discussed.
What have you found to be vital in relationships and moving in together? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love, xxx

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