My Top 10 Summer Wardrobe Staples

The “Everything” Top
I don’t have a plain white simple top that I can switch up with everything in my wardrobe. However I do love this reversible flowy singlet I have that is from Express. I wear it mainly on the light pink side, but there is a burnt orange that you can also wear if you’re wanting a pop of colour. A perfect top for a day-to-night time look. 

Floral Skirt
I love skirts, they’re my wardrobe holy grail. I bought this skirt in particular from Boohoo, and I absolutely adore it. I love to wear it with a cute white crop shirt for a very clean yet sophisticated outfit.

Denim Jacket
Is a must have. I wear mine to death I think it’s time to let it go and buy another haha. I bought mine from JayJays in Australia about 3 years ago, so they have a very good life on them. You can dress it up or down, roll up the sleeves for a casual look, or tie it around your waist while you are not wearing it. The possibilities are endless.

Dressy Blouse
I am trying to make more of an effort to wear blouses because I want to e someone who can pull them off. I bought this one from Boohoo and it’s so pretty once buttoned up to the neck line and tucked into a skirt. Plus I think you could also get away with rolling the sleeves up or wearing it as a kimono too! I will just have to experience more…

Black Jeans
I think everyone, girls and guys, need these in their lives. These are also my first choice when it comes to jeans. They go with every shirt, every shoe, every coat/jacket, every accessory. You can wear then full length or roll the ankles up. If you don’t have a pair, go out right now and get some. I bought mine from H&M.

Sandals are a must-have. There’s no doubt about it during the warmer months. They’re so comfortable, laid back and chic. Plus you can wear them wherever you go, by dressing them up or down. Mine are from Call It Spring.

I’m not one to wear hats, but I bought this one specifically for my holiday to New York. I bought this black fedora from Target before they closed down here in Canada (noooooooooooooo).

Sunglasses are a must. Not only do they protect your eyes, they look super adorable. Also, don’t listen to anyone who says you only need one pair in your collection!

Curling Wand
Loose curls are so flawless and romantic and pretty for this season. Whether you leave them down, or pop them up into a ponytail, they look so effortless. My curling wand is the NuMe 1″ from the Lustrum Set.

I’m one to hold my wallet and phone rather than to worry about a bag falling off my shoulder, or worse yet, make my skirt rise up at the back. But then I regret not bringing a bag because now I only have one hand to work with. This is where I love my backpack (from Sears) so much. There are so many pockets to hide all your gems in, so much space for your wallet, phone, keys, hand cream, water bottle, etc. Plus it is soo super comfortable to wear and looks so cute with any outfit.

What are your staple wardrobe items this Summer?

Lots of love, xxx

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