My July Faves

I cannot believe it is July 25th already!! This year is going by way too quickly for my liking! I have gathered some of my favourite products and bits and pieces for a first ever “favourites” blog post. So I hope you like this and gain some sort of inspiration 🙂

I’ve been using this hairspray for literally only a few days now and I can honestly say it’s amazing. I hate the hairspray leaves your hair feeling straggly, hard or like hay, but this is such a beautiful formula that it’s finally a product I’ve used that lives up to it’s name. It holds your hair, but in the most natural way possible. It’s amazing. Highly recommended!

Pretty Rose Quartz 18″ Necklace
I bought this necklace about a year ago actually, on an Etsy shop that no longer exists apparently – but good news is is that this type of necklace is all over the internet right now, you just gotta look. It sits a little longer than your average length necklace, and the pendant is a beautiful rosey pink colour. It’s so simple and adds a little edge to any outfit.

I bought this product on my recent holiday actually in Washington DC. I had only taken my primer and foundation, which lets be honest, was not the wisest choice Courtney. Biking and walking in 30+ degrees celsius all around the city, foundation just doesn’t approve of the hot weather either. This was the first BB cream I’ve used, and it’s so good!!! I don’t usually put a lot of foundation on my face to begin with but it’s definitely heavier on your face and worse for your skin than a BB cream. This particular one has (I would say) and light-medium coverage, and glides onto your face so nicely. And as an added bonus its SPF 30!!

I think it’s safe to say Marc Jacobs does my favourite watches! I got this one from my parents for my birthday last year I think (so no it’s not new to my collection) but ugh I just want more and more watches!! They’re stunning watches. Definitely worth the money.

I bought this mascara in April from Sephora, and I have done an impressions post on it. The first impression on this mascara was clumps. But now that I’ve kind of played around with the application, I am really starting to love the curling and length it gives my eyelashes. I really love to add it over my Scandal Eyes Lycra Flex, which give my lashes just that added volume and length for a dramatic lash look. I think it’s a mascara though that you’ll either love or hate. So beware before you purchase it!

Quay Sunglasses
Again, these glasses are honestly 3 years old, but they’re technically still a July fave 😉 I bought them in Australia for Splendour 2013, and they are still amazing and I’m still getting compliments on them still to this day! I think they suit my face shape and colourings really well hence why I have not upgraded. Click here for similar looking glasses from the same shop! 🙂

This eyeshadow has a very nice buildable formula to it. It is not very opaque, however very easy to build up the colour to your lids. I absolutely adore the colours in this palette, and use every single colour. I hate when you buy a palette and you only end up using 2-3 colours of 8. Nothing frustrates me more! I also love the way this palette is set out. You can use it in Quads, Trio’s or Duos, or of course however you like. This little description was taken from the website, but it’ll help me explain what I mean about the layout:
Quads: 1. Colour entire eye area, 2. Shade lid, 3. Crease 4. Line around eye
Trios: 1. Colour entire eye area, 2. Shade lid, 3. Crease
Duos: 1. Shade lid, 2. Crease
I will for sure be buying the Blushed Nudes palette next!

I bought this face mist for my holiday, thinking I would put it in my bag and spritz on my face throughout the day. However I didn’t because it leaves my face looking very sweaty and glossy which I don’t like. I do love this though to spritz on my face before moisturising in the morning and evening. I find it helps lock in the moisture to my face. The rosewater in it smells beautiful too. Instantly refreshing.
Bath & Body Works is my weakness, and I’ve just found one of my favourite scent collections there – A Thousand Wishes. It kind of reminds me of a fruity, sandalwood, musky flower. Sounds like a weird combination but it’s so beautiful! This particular product is a shea body cream, which claims to provide 24 hours of nourishment to the skin, and that it does. I apply this every morning to my body, and I can still feel the hydration at 8pm at night, and can still smells the scent it gives off. Lucky I bought the big one 😉

Leave me a comment on what your favourite makeup/fragrance/fashion things you’ve been loving lately!

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