My Current Summer Go-To Lip Product

For my birthday back in April, I recieved the NYX Butter Gloss in Cherry Cheesecake. I would describe this as a semi-pigmented warm orange colour. It feels very hydrating on my lips, and I do not have to re-apply for at least 2-3 hours. I am very impressed with this product, and I am actually very surprised I have not gone out and bought more colours for the summer.

I wear it most of the time without a lipstick underneath for several reasons – 1. I don’t usually wear a lip gloss over lipstick to begin with, and 2. it’s summer where I am and I don’t feel like wearing anything too heavy and dry on my lips.

It applies very easily, but very sticky. HOWEVER wait a couple of minutes, let it settle into your lips, and you’ll be surprised how hydrated your lips feel.

I personally don’t think I really suit orange either because of my skin/hair tones. But because this isn’t very opaque, I can get away with it (wooohooo) !!! 
Well done NYX, you have outdone yourself once again, and I think you are one of my favourite brands for all things “lip” related!!

Comment what your 2015 Summer go-to lip products are, and what is your favourite colour of this collection?

Lots of love, xxx

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