50 Facts About Me

I am 5″3
I have size 6.5 feet
My favourite colour is pastel colours and yellow
I have lived in about 15 houses in 3 countries
My favourite flowers are sunflowers and daisies
I keep a song I love on repeat for weeks on end until I get so sick of it I have to skip it when I hear it
I am a very organised person, I think I am almost OCD. Everything has it’s place and if it’s not in that place, I get nervous and upset
I don’t like breakfast foods
I cannot stand having my feet tickled
I bruise like a peach

I use to have a wall covered in magazine posters. Gotta love those 00’s boy bands
I love designing houses and interior design
I have never kept a diary, however have always wanted to
I think I am almost psychic. I often know what people are going to say before they actually say it
I have been driving for four years now
I’m terrified of the ocean because of the deep waters, but find it the coolest thing because there are parts of the ocean that have been undiscovered and that intrigues me so much
My eyes are orange in the sunlight, the same colour as my hair
I do not have enough fluids, I basically forget that I have to drink
I cannot burp
I want a girl and a boy, and I cannot wait until my wedding day

I have never seen Aladdin 
I use to do Irish dancing and jazz and tap, contemporary and hip hop
I think Harry Styles is lovely and will always stand up for him against the haters
My favourite thing is getting into a warm bed when it is cold outside
I have the worst posture, trying really hard to fix it
I still sleep with a teddy bear.. and I am 20
I bite the skin near my finger nails when I’m scared/anxious/bored
I have a scar on my lip from a car accident
I have a brother who is 14 and already a head taller than me
My teeth are naturally straight, I have never had braces. I also never use to suck on my thumb or dummy

I never have anything in my wardrobe I want to wear, no matter how much I go shopping
I have owned two cars in the fours years I’ve been driving, both paid for by me
My favourite fruit is mango, and my boyfriend is allergic to them
I was pretty much friends with everyone in high school
I have not seen all the Harry Potters
At the moment I am obsessed with Cheerleader – Omi
Dogs just make me so so so happy
I am very adventurous with food
Biology is my favourite subject
Savory over sweets

Biggest pet peeves are people who arrive late to things and loud eaters
I love the smell of rain
I do not suit dark lipsticks, which I am sad about because they’re the most beautiful ones to wear
I am quite good at saving money
Since leaving New Zealand at a young age, I have never really been close to my extended family, only because I never see them
Until I am comfortable enough around you to be completely weird and crazy, I do not talk – I am socially awkward at times because I do get so shy
I did not have my first kiss until I was 18.
I was always a tom-boy up until Grade 10 or 11. I always wore my hair up and no makeup, and my wardrobe staples were shorts and t-shirts
I am very self-conscious about my legs
I cannot stand not having my toenails bare. They always need to be painted

Sorry for the poor quality photos, was using my computers camera 😦 haha xxxx

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