This & That

Today I am home sick with a cold and ear infection, so I though what no better way to spend my day in bed than to blog a little. It is such a beautiful (yet cold) day outside, so I have literally been cooped up in bed for the past two days. I get bored very easily if I am not kept entertained, so I thought I’d share what I get up to when I’m sick. Yay haha

I first woke up, popped my pills and then painted my nails. I bought this new colour on the weekend and have been dying to try it. I really like it. It’s bright and summery, and I think it compliments my skin tone very nicely 🙂

I then went up to the kitchen and wasn’t hungry enough for food, so lucky for pre-made delicious smoothies. I am usually into making my own smoothies, but I must’ve known over the weekend I was going to be ill, because I did not want to think about food today. This flavour is pineapple, peach, banana and mango.

Snuggled under my blankets again to watch this week’s Wentworth, and I’m loving it!! (For those who don’t know, it’s basically an Australian Orange is the New Black) – I highly recommend it.

I caught up with my emails, messages, facebook, instagram, snapchat, pinterst, tumblr (you know the drill) and by this stage it was time for another dose of antibiotics, hot tea and lunch!


For lunch I made roasted vegetable with olive oils, a squirt of lemon juice, sprinkle of rosemary and thyme. Cooked them in the oven (230 degrees C) for 30 minutes. They were so flavoursome. YUM!

And now I am just propped up in bed with my laptop making this post that I guess none of you will find interesting, but I wanted to upload something, and things are very limited when you’re ill. So I hope you found this read a little interesting, maybe gave you some inspiration to cook something, or paint your nails, or get into a new TV show.
Stay happy ♥

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