Birthday Bash!

I have finally reached the milestone of no longer being a teenager! My birthday is April 22, and since I have to spend it at work, my boyfriend, parents and work girls came together and planned a surprise birthday bash! 

Last Thursday night I was packing my things to go visit Cree and when I finally hopped into bed he walked through my bedroom door. (For those who may not know, Cree is my boyfriend and he goes to University 2.5 hours away from me). This was a big enough surprise on its own, since I got to see him for the weekend, and didn’t have to drive all that way.

On Saturday night, he took me out to a fancy restaurant. Little did I know, my parents and friends were at home planning a crazy surprise party. I walked through the doors and was astounded with what they had pulled off in 2 hours. It was by far the best weekend ever!

I am just sooo fortunate to have these amazing people in my life!!!

Stay happy ♥

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