Berry Smoothie-licious

So as it stands currently, I am obsessed with making smoothies. They’re so quick and easy, healthy and so yummy! So I was feeling kind enough today that I would share one of my favourite’s with you.

Banana, Berry and Spinach Smoothie
Makes 1 serving

1 banana
1 cup frozen berries (or any other frozen fruit like mango or pineapple)
1 cup spinach (or kale)
1 cup of juice (I used orange, however I have used mango, pineapple, and tropical)
1/2 cup of vanilla yogurt (or any other flavoured yogurt)
A drizzle of honey (optional)
Squirt of lime/lemon (optional)

Throw all the ingredients into a blender and whiz away. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

I think what I like most about this recipe is it stuff you already have in your fridge, and you can alter what you put into it, plus it is basically a 1:1 ratio with the goodies you pack into it. It gives you a good dose of veggies and fruits for your recommended daily intake. I thought I’d try the orange juice this time, because it gives you a good source of Vitamin C, along with your spinach, berries and banana. The yogurt gives your bones some calcium, and spinach which basically has everything under the sun in it. Honey is a healthier alternative to sugar (obviously) and the lime or lemon really makes some fruit flavours have more of a “zing” to them. 

 I made my two smoothies (doubled recipe) for my work lunches. So I have just popped them into a mason jar with a lid, and its that easy to make your lunches. I have a job where I’m running around on my feet all day, and it keeps me going right through until dinner. 

Other alterations I have made and enjoyed:
1 banana, tropical juice, frozen berries, strawberry yogurt
1 banana, mango juice, frozen berries, spinach, honey
1 banana, apple juice, frozen berries, spinach, honey

What are your favourite smoothie recipes? How did you like this one?

Stay happy ♥

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