Nude Nail with Sparkles!

I’ve been cooped up the past 7 days with the biggest head cold, so have not gotten dressed or got dressed, let alone pamper myself with makeup and nailpolish. Today I am feeling at least half a human again, so I thought I should probably do something with my nails. Besides.. Who doesn’t like a little colour (and sparkles) every so often.

Today I was going to go bright, but then I thought, why not a nude with some glitter on my ring fingers. I have actually never used this colour as it is very sheer, and I am usually far too lazy to put on a heap of coats to build up the colour. However I learnt today that 2 coats is sufficient, which makes me very happy because I really like this nail polish!

For the base coat, I used the ever so loved Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat, which yes you guessed, I also use on top. You can pick this up from your local supermarket or local pharmacy or beauty shop. 

I then went ahead and put the first coat of Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Color + Base in the shade 020 – All Or Nothing. Waited for that coat to dry, and applied a second. Now I don’t like to use nail polish without a base coat, just a habit and complex I have, so I cannot say how this nail polish holds up without a base coat. 

After applying two coats of colour with any nail polish, I go ahead and apply 1 layer of top coat with the clear Sally Hansen. With this look however, when applying the top coat to the two ring fingers, I dip the wet nail polish into just an art glitter. The one I use is from my local art supply store – ArtMinds Extra Fine Glitter in Crystal Diamond. You could also buy a clear glitter nail polish, however I have to do that to see which I prefer. 

Of course after doing this, I have glitter all over the top third of my finger, so I just grab a q-tip and lightly brush off the excess glitter on my skin and on my nail. Remember to put a tissue or paper under your hands so it’s an easy clean up! 

To set it all, I apply a top coat to the glitter very gently, then again once that has dried. Clean up around the edges of the nail if need be, and ta-daa!! You have brand spanking nails to show off!

…And remember, you can pull this off with any nail colour! So go ahead, and try it for yourself with your favourite nail polish!

What are your go-to nail trends that you can do by yourself?

Stay happy ♥

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