My First Time.

I have watched YouTube bloggers do this so I thought I would give it a shot. Now it’s not what you think by reading the title. In fact I am not even going to bring up my sex-life, because well.. that’s just personal and I’m sure none of you would want to hear about that. This is a “My first time…” doing/saying/object Q&A. 

So enjoy…

First word?

Now this was quite some time ago, and I don’t think my brain was fully developed to with-hold memories haha. I am sure it was Dada. Although Mum has a story that one day when we were in the car – I was like 3 years old so very, very young – I all of a sudden just started yelling “shit shit shit shit,” and I am sure this is a story that will come up at my 21st next year hahaha. Don’t worry guys, I am not a constant swearer nowadays.

First friend?

My first friend was in New Zealand, at kindergarten, and her name was Kate. The most vivid memories of me and her were playing on the jungle gym, playing with the hopping balls (you know the bouncing balls you sit on and they have the handles?), and going to her Grandma’s house one afternoon and jumping on the beds upstairs. They had two single beds set up with maybe a meter distance in between, and we would jump back and forward. Those were the best days of my life..

First school crush?

The very first one I remember to be honest was in Grade 4/5. Both him and his best friend (who I still occasionally talk to today) were in my friendship group, and yes I sort of liked them both. All through Primary School I was head over heels for these two boys. But of course, the pretty blonde with a lot of friends got the one I really liked. Boo..

First kiss?
Was with my first boyfriend, when I was 17. It is quite the romantic story might I add. He invited me to the movies at the Gold Coast so I drove down to meet him for dinner and movies. So we watched the movie, very awkwardly. Then we walked down to the beach and laid in the sand, and I leaned in for a kiss on the cheek but he moved his head and kiss me on the lips. Caught me very off guard, but made for a cute story in the end. Now I very much dislike this person, but we will not get into that… haha

First celebrity crush?
God, let me think. The blonde one from Backstreet Boys – Nick Cater for sure. He was (still is) ONE HUGE BABE. Must have been that ’90s hair…

First boyfriend?
His name will not be mentioned, however we met at Schoolies (for those who don’t know, it’s a weekend long beach party for graduates of Queensland) and I should have known it would only go downhill from there. We lasted for 6 months, however it was a long distance relationship, and when we would see each other he wouldn’t really look after me the way my friends boyfriend’s would look after them. After really thinking about my feels, my parents thoughts, and how he treated me, I decided to call it off.

First car?

A Gold 2002 Holden Barina. I only wanted it because it small and girly and I fell in love with it at first glance. However the air-conditioning did not work and you kind of need that to survive in the Sunshine State, and it would leak water into the back seat floor and there would be a constant flood hahaha. Other than that, it treated me well.

First job?
First job was in 2010 at Noodle Box – a takeaway noodle bar. I was terrible at remembering the recipes, felt like none of the other staff liked me, and therefore only lasted 4 months, until I got another job at Woolworth’s supermarket as a checkout chick.

First concert you went to?
If The Wiggles at age 5 does not count, then Hilary Duff in 2007 with my best friend and her Mum. We were screaming 13 year old girls who yelled in silence “RACHEL, COURTNEY, WE LOVE YOU HILARY” hahaha. Oh god…

First airplane ride?

Was when I moved to Australia from New Zealand on my fifth birth in 2000. Because it was my birthday and it was the year before the 9/11 attack, I got to go into the cockpit and talk to the pilots. I also go a gift bag with colouring books and I vividly remember a new toothbrush. Yipee!

Comment below with your first times!!! I would love to hear them 

Stay happy ♥

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