Lucas’ Papaw Ointment Review

I have been using this lip-moisturing poduct for about 5 years now, and I cannot stop. If you are not from Brisbane, Australia, then you probably have not even heard of it – it is my holy grail ladies and gentlemen –


It is made from fresh Carica Papaya which has anti-bacterial properties for burns, sunburns, rashes, cuts, wounds, chaffing, splinters, insect bites, dermatitis/eczema, and in my case, cracked and dry lips. I cannot use anything else. Chapsticks, Eos, Burt’s Bee’s, Nivea, Baby Lips, Nature’s Care Papaw,  all of these products and more do absolutely nothing for me since I have been using the papaw. It has been an absolute lifesaver. Although I wish I could wear all the others on the market, with their cute packaging and their amazing scents, I just find they dry out my lips even more than what they were to begin with, only providing me with temporary relief. I love to wear lipsticks, so during the work-week I need something nourishing. 

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment has no taste, no smell, or no eye-pleasing packaging, however I do not care. You can buy it in a 25mg tube (as pictured) or in a 200mg tub for home or in your bag. I like mine with me at all times, whether it be in my purse or in my pocket, hence why I have opted for the tube. It doesn’t necessarily have a lip applicator either, however I do believe there is a 15mg tube with an applicator, however I have not used it because it is basically the same price as the bigger tube – you’re paying for the applicator.

I do not find it to be expensive, I was buying 1 tube in Australia’s supermarkets at $6-7 from memory and it would last me well over a year. However since moving to Canada and being without it for about 2 months I lasted, I bought 6 tubes from Amazon for $30. Which works out to be cheaper anyway so winning!!

I have never used it on scratches or burns or rashes, only my lips. I do find it to be somewhat greasy on my finger when I apply it, however when I rub the excess into the palm of my hand it is not sticky or as greasy as you would think when first applying it. I do think it would relieve the pain of wounds, however am yet to test try it myself.

I apply it to my lips, and do not have to reapply for usually a couple of hours, which I find totally convenient being at work. I also apply it under and over some lipsticks if I want a somewhat glossy finish, plus giving me extra nourishment. 

So all in all, if I was to give this product a rating out of 10, it would have to be a 15 because I cannot live without it. Please Mr. Lucas never stop making these!!!

Have you tried this lip product? If so, what do you think? If not, what lip products do you use?

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