My Most Worn…

I thought it’d be fun to do a “My Most Worn…” since everyone is doing Monthly Favourites. It’s something a little bit different, and shows everyone what I use the most on a day-to-day/week-to-week basis! As usual I will link what I can, and make sure you comment down below what your most worn items are!!!

My Most Worn…

Maybelline 235 Warm Me Up is the most beautiful, natural lip colour and it stays on for hours!!! Definitely wear this most days + it’s super affordable!! Bonus

Here’s a lovely photo of my ear! I just have a little diamond stud in my tragus (buy these from most piercing shops) and just a large pearl earring, which you can buy everywhere! Cheap, easy and cute for all year round!

This photo does not do the dress much justice to be honest, but basically its a strapless mini number with a-line/skater waist. The colours are so earthy, and I always get complimented on it, even though it is 4 years old. I picked it up from Princess Polly in Australia for about $70, so it was a little higher in price, yet it has treated me so well, and I can’t wait to get back into it for this summer!!!

Nail Polish

You can’t really read this, but it’s obviously white nail polish! I just love white at the moment, its so clean and classy and chic, and looks perfect on nails! The one I have is Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy in 510 Sure Thing. It’s a colour and base coat, although I still apply my Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat to all my nail polishes. Perfect combo!

I had been eyeing up this watch for over a year, and finally my parents bought it for me for my 19th birthday. It’s stunning. I love the brown leather strap, the gold plating, and the large, round face. I love the colour of the strap since I am quite fair, and it doesn’t overpower my arm like how black would. Me and Mum shopped everywhere for this, and we could not find it anywhere, so she and Dad just opted to buy it online. So it’s not so easy to get your hands on, but believe me, it’s worth the time and hassle and wait!!!  They have a huge selection of just-as-beautiful watches, but here is the Amy Strap.

I may or may not have cheated, but I have winter, summer and going-out most worn!!!

Winter – These boots are kind of like a suede material and have laces and a little heel for class. These little ankle boots are so light-weight and comfortable and affordable. I bought them from Urban Planet, you can buy similar ones here.

These cute little strappy sandals are my summer essential and I have no idea what I am going to do when they start falling apart. You can even tell by the photo that the colour is fading into a dark grey, rather than black. That is how much I wear them. They go with any outfit, and are so comfortable it feels like you aren’t even wearing shoes! I got them from Call It Spring last Spring, so of course they’re not in anymore 😦

My adorable white strappy heeled sandals for going out in. I don’t get dressed up often since I live in a small town, but when I do, I opt for these every. single. time. Comfortable, suit anything I throw on, and are velcro on the sides. It doesn’t get much better than that! Well it could… if they were still in Call It Spring’s range.

 I am not much of a necklace or bracelet/bangle girl, so I opt for rings to spice up an outfit. These rings are absolutely stunning. They’re from Pandora. My best friends split up the price of all three (since their not so cheap) for my 18th birthday present. I adore them, and now that I live in a different country, I feel like those girls are always with me ❤ I need more to be honest! P.s. the flower is pink, not yellow. 
The ones pictured are: Forever Love, Floral Elegance, and Cherry Blossom.


I feel like this SHOULD be a given. 1) it’s One Direction, 2) it’s so cute and affordable, and 3) IT’S SO GOOD!!! It smells freaking amazing, and I love it so much. I’m pretty sure this is “my signature” smell now, I have been wearing it for years! You go Glen Coco. Click here if ya want to smell like me, or is that weird?


 This is my go-to bag. It’s an over-the-shoulder, boxy bag that is just big enough for my wallet, keys, sunglasses and lipstick/chapstick. Has a cute little front pocket, however I never use this. I just use the large zippy part. Now I don’t remember which shop I grabbed this from. From memory, the shop was closing so everything was on clearance and I was in need of a decent yet smaller over-the-shoulder bag for everyday use, so I picked it up and have been using it ever since. YAY.

What are your go-to items? What are your must-haves? What do you always go for?

Stay happy ♥

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