What’s in my Bag?

Want a peek into my ever-so-adorable backpack? I love love love cleaning out my bag, and changing purses every so often, so I thought I would clean it out and share what I have with you! I will link you to the products that I can find 🙂

I’ll probably be quite surprised as well – couple weeks worth of stuff in there I’m sure! Oopsy…

Let’s start off with my bag. My boyfriend got me this as part of a Christmas present, because I had fell in love with it in Sears! Sears for you who don’t know, is more like a department store, full with “older” ladies clothing, makeup, homewares, etc. It was very very reasonably priced, and it is so perfect for travelling places. Has so many different little zipped compartments and pockets, which I love in a bag. It’s very comfortable and just perfect!! Agh I’m still fussing over it!

Now let’s get into the essentials to my bag. I carry these in no matter what bag I am using for that day. I first of all have my wallet, which is from Colette in Australia that I got about 2 years ago now. I love all their bags and purses, definitely going to have to go back when I go to Australia again! Then I have my sunnies, which I don’t even remember where they’re from, but I refuse to buy an other sunglasses because I just love these. Then I have my Ibuprofen, keys, hand cream (Christmas edition) and paw paw ointment, which is also from Australia and just so lovely to put on my dry lips. And last but not least, hand sanitizers! As you may know from my Bath & Body Works post, I am obsessed with these, and cannot leave the house without them. The smell of them is great, and of course, very clean. I’m just not sure as to why I have two in one bag… Oh well!

Two lipsticks – the first one is my most worn I would have to say, the Maybelline 235 Warm Me Up. It’s a beautiful warm-toned natural lip colour and I just love it! The second one is the famous Rimmel London Kate Moss 107. I don’t wear this one often as it is a deep red, I find it hard to apply and to keep reapplying as it shows all my dry spots on my lips 😦

These next ones are just kind of.. whatever! Chewing gum and two stray mints, a pen (no paper though, what?) and a pocket mirror which says “All you need is love” that Mum bought me. I like to carry one of these to fix your lipstick in the shopping mall, or quickly check your teeth for food bits, ew.

I went to buy new foundation, powder, moisturiser, blush and bronzer, and got this sample of perfume, which has about one spray left and I’m savouring it because IT IS FREAKING AMAZING!! It is called Cherry in the Air, by Escada, and it literally smells like cherries and sunshine and everything good in the world. The only downside is that it is soo expensive. I just can’t even comprehend spending that much on a perfume, however I recommend this if you have the funds, its beautiful!!!

My good, old, long-running iPod Nano in blue and Sony earphones, woop. Love this for those long car rides when the radio sucks!

Found these stray in the bottom of my bag, the top one is the invitation to my boyfriends sister’s stag and doe which was held last weekend, and a voucher for Bath & Body Works, I CAN’T LOSE THIS. A new Hawaiian range, yes please!

And the fun St. Patrick’s Day temporary tattoo’s and nail stickers from the dollar store for tomorrow night’s party. YAY!
I hope this was exciting, or informative, or interesting… I don’t know, I just hope you liked this post! Now that I have my bag contents laid out on my bed, I can sort through what I do and don’t need (those Irish tattoo’s and maybe one hand sanitizer!)

Let me know what your bag essentials are in the comments below!

Stay happy ♥

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