First Spree of 2015!

I’m not sure about you, but I am a huge online shopping fan, especially when it comes to tops and dresses (because my sizing is simple and never changes)! Since I am from Australia, all my favourite shops only deliver to Australia, OR their shipping costs are astronomical amounts of money to Canada. I am finding it difficult to find cute little boutiques and shops online that know my style by the back of their hand. My favourite Australian stores are Princess Polly and Dissh. Anyway, I’ve been looking at Boohoo, Asos, and Forever 21, and each to their own, have on and off periods of me liking their stock. I have ordered off all three sites, each being great to deal with, with fast delivery and very reasonably priced! 

I went on a little spree at the end of February on Forever 21 (Canadian store) and literally my package was at my door the next day! Winter is coming to an end, and I am just too excited to start wearing cute summery clothes again! Here’s what I picked up…

  Plaid Floral Top – wear with disco pants, jeans or a denim skirt. Wear from day to night!

Pom-Pom Hem Top – pair with summer shorts and a floppy hat for a fun, flirty look

Blue Rose Crop Top – pair with high waisted shorts or jeans 

Blue-Red Ombre Knit Sweater – pair with a skirt, high waisted jeans/shorts, layer with jacket. Perfect for spring!

Blue & Grey Striped Top – very flowy to pair with jeans or shorts for a casual summery day

Grey Floral Blouse – pair with disco pants, skirts or jeans for a chic/boho look. Can’t wait to pair it with a hat and sunglasses!

Backpack is from Sears, and the stand-alone wardrobe you can buy similar from Ikea for very cheap!

Let me know what your favourite online stores are! 

Love you all ♥

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