Is Niagara Falls Frozen?!

(American Falls, America)

(Horseshoe Falls, Canada)

As across the news the past week or so, you may know that Niagara Falls is frozen over. So I went on a little, and freeeezing, trip down to see them with my boyfriend, and to say the least we were amazed. The top photo is of the American Falls, which to those who may not know, is not the bigger falls of the two. This was the one that was half frozen over, meaning the actual falls were still running however the falling water and mist create icicles along the falls and river banks. You can also see that the whole river is covered in ice. And that is basically the result of -30 degrees celcius, for those who live in the tropics (damn you!!!)
I visited the falls last year as well with my family (we live about a 3 hour drive away), and they were not frozen like this. The bottom photo is from last winter.

If you can, try and visit them in winter. It has such an amazing vibe at around Christmas/New Year, and it just so purely white and gorgeous. 

Stay tuned for more travel adventures.

Love you all ♥

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